Aesthetic Braces -discreet treatment with great results

Do you want to straighten your teeth without compromising your appearance? Then aesthetic braces are the treatment for you. At Anglia Orthodontics we use the Clarity brand of aesthetic braces.

Clarity braces use translucent ceramic brackets, meaning they are less visible than metal braces. This gives a more aesthetically pleasing look and helps reduce the chances of food getting stuck, making them a hygienic treatment option also.

How do Clarity Braces work?

Clarity Braces work in the same way that traditional metal braces do. The ceramic brackets are fitted to the front of the tooth with a thin wire connecting them, guiding the teeth into position. The ceramic bracket is tooth coloured, meaning it is very discreet and slightly more comfortable than a metal bracket.

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How do Clarity Braces work?

What are the benefits of Clarity Braces?

Clear ceramic braces such as the Clarity brand are a wonderful option for many of our adult and teen patients because they offer:

  • A discreet tooth-coloured option
  • A strong and reliable alternative to traditional braces
  • A stain-resistant option
  • An efficient and accurate treatment journey
  • A smooth and low-profile look for added comfort
  • An effective solution for complex orthodontic issues

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What are the benefits of Clarity Braces?