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Treatment for all of the family

No matter what stage of life you're in, orthodontic treatment could help align your teeth and create a beautiful smile. 

Adult treatment

Adult treatmentMany adults and teens hesitate when it comes to orthodontic treatment because they don’t want braces to affect their appearance. But with the latest developments in orthodontics, that is no longer a problem. At Anglia Orthodontics, we can fit lingual and aesthetic braces, and Invisalign aligners depending on your treatment needs.  

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, we offer free assessments. During this appointment we’ll examine your face, mouth and teeth. Moulds or scans may be taken of your teeth, along with any necessary x-rays. We’ll then talk with you about your treatment options and give you a provisional quote.

Under 18's treatment

Kids treatmentBy identifying conditions while a child’s teeth are still developing, an orthodontist can easily correct problems and, in certain cases, patients may not even require braces later on. Early intervention is often far more effective for children and can save you both time and money.

We charge £120 to assess a child’s teeth. This involves a full examination which allows us to recommend a course of treatment and provide a provisional quote. This fee is then deducted from the cost of any private treatment. If you decide not to proceed with private treatment for your child, they will be placed on the NHS waiting list in their original position if they are eligible for this.

We offer private treatment for both children and adults. This gives you a wider choice of treatment options, more flexible appointment times and also means you won’t have to wait for your treatment.

Keeping your teeth straight

Wearing an orthodontic appliance is only part of your treatment experience. Once your braces or aligners have been removed, we will issue you with retainers. These are specially designed to help ‘retain’ the improvements we have made to your teeth and will prevent them from moving while they settle into their new positions. 

There are two types of retainers:

  • Removable retainers look like a thin, clear mouthguard and can be taken out. 
  • Fixed retainers are a small thin wire which is fixed to the back of your teeth.

As a general rule, we recommend teenagers wear their retainers every night until they finish growing and adults wear them at night for at least the first two years after treatment. You will be advised in more detail as to your specific needs during your retainer fit appointment.

The only way to guarantee to retain the result achieved and to prevent your teeth from moving is to wear retainers on a part-time basis for life. 

Your co-operation in wearing the retainers as directed will be essential to keep your teeth straight.

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